The Secret of Norway´s Seafood Success

The Secret of Norway´s Seafood Success

Norway's rich natural resources, longstanding cultural and competence tied to fishing and a structural approach to resource management and sustainability are all important factors in its global success. 

Experts believe that while each factor is important, it is the combination of  nature, culture and structure that makes Norwegian seafood world class in terms of quality, tradition and sustainability. 

  • Norway enjoys many natural advantages. Its coastal waters are where the cold Arctic waters meet the warm Gulf Stream, creating an ideal confluence of currents and temperature. Its 83,000 km of coastline is also highly varied, with islands, islets and deep, protective fjords which are ideal breeding grounds for fish. This gives Norwegian fishermen a very stable environment in which to cultivate and harvest seafood. 

  • Fishing is an integrated part of Norwegian culture. For centuries Norwegian fisherman have lived in harmony with the sea. Yet skills and know-how have evolved with each generation to meet the needs of an ever expanding international marketplace, and the changing appetites of consumers around the world. Norway has today a leading position in the world for best practices and environmentally sustainable fishing. 

  • A structural approach to fishing industry development. Norway´s policy for seafood management is a joint commitment by political, environmental and industry interests to create a sustainable long-term industry for Norway.