Norway´s Innovative Seafood Culture

Norway´s Innovative Seafood Culture

Norway is the world´s second largest seafood producer, with over 37 million meals consumed around the world every day. 

Norwegian seafood culture prides itself on high quality products, produced using ecological management techniques. Seafood production is a vital industry for coastal Norway, providing almost 50,000 man years of local employment. Fishing, harvesting and processing are labour-intensive activities requiring a wide range of skills and competencies. From marine biologists to processing technicians to seafaring crew, all have a part to play. As technology has improved the efficiency and scale of production, the industry has also invested in training, so creating a skilled labour force that is able to adapt to global competition. Sustainable production is at the core of industry best practices, and is designed to safeguard and empower fishing communities for future generations.

Balancing the interests of Norwegian commercial seafood producers, industry regulators and scientific researchers to create truly sustainable fishing policies has been one of Norway´s most impressive industry achievements. Our seafood industry is seen by industry experts as one of the most sustainable in the world. The costs of scientific research and regulation are paid for by the whole industry via a sales tax on exports. The fact that all producers are also co-funders of the industry´s own regulators helps to ensure that stakeholder interests are aligned. The results show that this balanced strategy has worked. Production volumes have risen sharply, and up to 95% of Norwegian seafood is bound for export markets, with the EU being the main market. Farmed salmon in particular has been a global success story, and is now one of Norway´s main export commodities.

Some of the leading Norwegian research institutions include:

The Institute of Marine Research 
The Fishery and Aquaculture Industry Research Fund 
The National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research