Tavada kızarmış susamlı Norveç somonu

Pan-Fried Norwegian Salmon with Sesame Seeds

This dish, with sesame marinated pan-fried Norwegian salmon, makes a fantastic dinner. Invite your friends over and serve the Norwegian Salmon with poached eggs and vegetables.

Difficulty Difficult
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Number of servings

Oven-baked tomatoes

Poached eggs


  • Preheat the oven to 110 °C.

  • Cut the salmon into servings, and sprinkle with salt, pepper and sesame seeds on both sides.

  • Add olive oil and butter to a frying pan and fry the salmon in low heat, approx. 2 minutes on each side.

  • Peel the egg plant, slice and pan-fry in olive oil on both sides until golden.

  • Bring water with a little salt to a boil, and cook french beans for approx. 3 minutes.

  • Drain well and toss with a little butter and flake salt.

Oven-baked tomatoes

  • Pour olive oil in an oven-proof dish and add the cherry tomatoes.

  • Sprinkle with sugar, salt and finely chopped garlic.

  • Bake in the oven for approx. 15 minutes.

Poached eggs

  • Add white wine vinegar to a bowl and add one egg at the time. This will bind the egg white.

  • Leave the eggs for approx. 5 minutes in the vinegar. Bring water to a boil, stir around and add the eggs.

  • Cook the eggs in the water for approx. 3 minutes.

  • Cool the eggs in ice cold water, dry them and dredge in flour, egg whites and breadcrumbs.

  • Heat oil in a casserole and fry the eggs golden.

  • Dry on a paper towel.

Serve the salmon with egg plant, beans, oven-baked tomatoes and poached eggs.