Fjord Trout with Apple Sauce

Fjord Trout with Apple Sauce

Baked Fjord Trout with a fresh apple sauce is the recipe of a beautiful dish. This is perfect for when entertaining. 

Difficulty Medium
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  • Sprinkle salt on the Fjord Trout and pan-fry it on low heat for approx. 20 minutes, until the surface starts to caramelize.

  • Toast pine nuts on a dry pan.


  • Peel and dice apple, and finely chop shallot.

  • Combine shallot and white wine in a casserole and boil until a consistency like syrup.

  • Add cream, bring to a boil and add some of the apple dices.

  • Stir in a little butter at the time, and taste with salt and pepper.

  • Add the rest of the apple right before serving.

Serve the Fjord Trout with pine nuts sprinkled over and with apple sauce, sugar peas and potatoes on the side.