Fjord Trout Carpaccio

Impress your dinner guests with this Fjord Trout carpaccio, accompanied by a tangy horseradish cream and homemade pickled vegetables.

Difficulty Easy
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Number of servings

Horseradish cream

Pickled vegetables


  • Cut the Fjord Trout in suitable portions and freeze them.

  • Slice the Fjord Trout thinly.

Horseradish cream

  • Whip the sour cream until it thickens. Add grated horseradish.

  • Season with lemon juice and salt.

Pickled vegetables

  • Peel the onion and cut the beetroot in thin slices.

  • Mix beetroot juice, red wine vinegar and sugar in a casserole. Bring to the boil.

  • Add onions and beetroot and simmer for around 20 minutes.

  • Leave to cool, then sieve the vegetables and cut the onion in half.

Serve the Fjord Trout carpaccio with the horseradish cream and pickled vegetables. Sprinkle with grated horseradish.