Taze bezelye, çeri domatesi ve Norveç somonlu tam buğday penne makarna

Wholewheat pennette pasta with sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes and Norwegian salmon

A healthy and tasty appetizer? Try this recipe from Chiara Maci, it's fresh, colorful and full of vegetables!

Difficulty Easy
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  • Boil the sugar snap peas for a few minutes.

  • Brown the shallot in a pan then add the sugar snap peas and fry for 2-3 minutes. Add the halved tomatoes and finally strips of the Norwegian salmon, which should be allowed to cook for a maximum of 4 minutes.

  • Cook the pennette pasta until still firm, or al dente, and then add to the pan with the salmon to finish.

Useful tip

You could use green beans instead of sugar snap peas, as well as kamut or spelt pasta instead of wholewheat. This pasta dish is also delicious served cold with crumbled mozzarella!