Nut-Crusted Norwegian Salmon

Nut-Crusted Norwegian Salmon

In this recipe the Norwegian salmon has a crust of the sweet flavours of coriander, almonds and sesame seeds. Served with a nice vinaigrette.

Difficulty Medium
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  • Cut the salmon into 3 cm wide pieces and sprinkle with salt.

  • Chop almonds and finely chop coriander.

  • Mix almonds, coriander, sesame seeds and pepper, and heat in a frying pan.

  • Remove the nut mix from the pan and dredge one side of the salmon in the mix.

  • Pan-fry the salmon in oil for approx. 3 minutes.


  • Dice mushrooms and pan-fry in butter until brown.

  • Add vinegar and water, and cook for 10 minutes.

  • Take this in a blender and run to an even sauce.

  • Heat onions in the vinaigrette.

Serve nut-crusted salmon with vinaigrette, onions and cherry tomatoes.