Grilled Norwegian Scallops with Asparagus

Grilled Norwegian Scallops with Asparagus

Scallop is one of the best things you can put on the grill. This recipe is with a salad of asparagus and potatoes, and it can also be used as a starter. 

Difficulty Medium
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  • If you use fresh shells open and rinse the scallops. If you use frozen scallops leave them to defrost in the fridge before use, then drain on paper towel.

  • Brush scallops with oil, and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

  • Grill for approx. 30 seconds on each side.


  • Boil and cut potato into wedges.

  • Boil asparagus tender and cut in half.

  • Blanch tomato by cutting a cross on top, immerse in boiling water for a couple of minutes and then immediately place them into cold water. Remove the skin and seeds and finely chop the tomato.

  • Mix potato, asparagus, tomato, finely chopped chives, olive oil and red wine vinegar.

  • Season with salt and pepper.

Serve grilled scallops with salad.

Tip: Do not grill the scallops too long because that will make them dry and rubbery.