Pan-Fried Norwegian Saithe with Mushroom Stew

Pan-Fried Norwegian Saithe with Mushroom Stew

Pan-fried saithe is a classic in Norwegian  food culture, and in this recipe it is served with a mushroom stew with chantarelle.

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Mushroom stew

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  • Cut the filet of saithe into servings.

  • Mix salt, pepper and white flour into a bowl and turn the servings into the mix. Shake off mix that is not stuck to the fish.

  • Fry fish servings in butter about 2 minutes on each side. 

Mushroom stew

  • Rinse and wash chantarelles in cold water. Cut into pieces.

  • Cut carrot and celeriac into dices, and cut shallot into wedges.

  • Sautè shallot in butter on medium heat until blank.

  • Add chantarells, carrot and celeriac, and fry until the vegetables start to soften. 

  • Add cream and let all the ingredients get warm. 

  • Sprinkle chopped chive.

Serve saithe with mushroom stew, carrot, sugar peas and boiled potatoes.

Tip: In this recipe you can use the mushroom you prefer.