Easter eggs with cod, salmon and crab mousse

Easter eggs with cod, salmon and crab mousse

Try something new and exciting at Easter. This is a simple salmon and crab mousse that can be served on halved, boiled eggs or in egg shells. Happy Easter!

Difficulty Medium
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  • Bring salted water and a bay leaf to the boil in a pot. Lower the heat and simmer. 

  • Cut the fish in small pieces and add to the water.

  • Put the lid on and simmer for five minutes, then drain. Crumble the fish pieces in a bowl, stir in the crab meat and leave to cool completely. 

  • Whisk the cream until firm. 

  • Mix together mayonnaise and lemon juice and add to the fish. Season with salt and pepper. 

  • Fold the cream in the fish mixture and add more salt and pepper if required. 

  • You can add the mousse to empty egg shells, but boil the shells in salted water first to remove any germs. Alternatively, spoon on top of halved eggs or a piece of bread. 

  • Garnish each egg with a teaspoon of roe and dill or chives.