Deep Fried Norwegian Cod Patties with Pea Purée

Deep Fried Norwegian Cod Patties with Pea Purée

A fun recipe inspired by the classic fish 'n chips. Simple but stylish.

Difficulty Medium
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Pea purée

Tempura batter

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  • Boil the potatoes.

  • Cut the fish in small pieces. Place in a food processor with salt and blend until smooth. 

  • Mash the potatoes and finely chop leek and parsley. Mix together with the milk and the fish. Season with salt and pepper.

Pea purée

  • Boil the peas until tender, then drain and mix with finely chopped peppermint and the other ingredients. Use a hand blender to make into a purée. Season with salt and pepper.

Tempura batter

  • Add beer and flour to a bowl and stir into a thick, smooth batter. Use the batter straight away if you want the tempura to be crunchy.

  • Heat the oil in a big pan or deep fryer. Use a spoon to make small patties. Dip them in the tempura batter, making sure that they are completely covered. 

  • Fry until golden all around the edges. 

  • Drain the patties on paper towel.

Serve the fried patties with pea purée and slices of lemon.