Omelette with Norwegian Salmon, Spring Onion and Cheese

An omelette can be eaten both newly cooked and cooled. A cooled omelette is perfect for the lunch box. Add bread and vegetables on the side for extra nutrition.

Difficulty Easy
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  • Cut salmon into cubes and spring onion into thin slices.

  • Add egg to a bowl and whisk with milk and salt.

  • Take a deep pan with lid and place on middle heat.

  • Add margarine and let it get warm before adding the egg.

  • Sprinkle salmon, spring onion and cheese, and place a lid over.

  • Turn the heat down to minimum and cook for approx. 5 minutes. It's one when the egg is stiff.

Serve the omelette with bread, carrot and cucumber.

Tip: In this recipe you can use another fish such as haddock, cod, saithe, wolffish or trout. Smoked fish is also good in an omelet.