How to Prepare Fjord Trout

How to Prepare Fjord Trout

Fjord Trout has a pure taste, with a flavour that is remarkably rich. Making it perfect for raw, marinated and lightly cooked dishes, for instance when you make tapas, sushi and sashimi or tartar.

To ensure that your experience with Fjord Trout satisfies your expectations we have gather some tips on how to prepare Fjord Trout.   

General preparation tips

  • Fjord Trout is more fragile towards higher temperatures than salmon is.

  • If you cook the Fjord trout on low temperature you will gain optimal flavour, texture and colour.

  • When cooking trout, the core temperature should be between 40- 48°C.

  • Fjord trout can handle both intense and sublime flavours.

  • For oven baked Fjord trout, do not exceed 100°C inside the oven chamber.

  • When pan frying and grilling, leave the skin on for the best result. For pan frying, cook the fillets skin side down on medium high heat for 4-5 minutes, then turn the fillets and continue for 3-4 minutes. When grilling, leave the fillets on the grill to get a nice colour, then transfer to the oven or a cooler spot on the grill in order to cook slowly for the rest of the time.

  • When poaching Fjord Trout, brine the fillets with 50% salt and sugar for 10-20 min, this to obtain a better texture, colour and flavour. Wash away the brining with cold water. Bring the poaching liquid to a very gentle simmer, take the pan of the heat and poach the fillets for approximately 8 - 10minutes