Fjord Trout - The Jewel of the Norwegian Fjords

Fjord Trout - The Jewel of the Norwegian Fjords

We can sincerely say that Fjord Trout is the jewel of the Norwegian fjords. It has unique qualities and with its deep red color it looks delicious when served.

In the cold Norwegian fjords, where the salt seawater meets the fresh meltwater from the glaciers and snow, you find the Fjord Trout. Here are some of the Fjord Trout’s luxurious qualities:

  • It has a sharp, beautiful red color and finely marbled flesh.

  • It has a rich taste and a pure aftertaste.

  • It is perfect for raw, marinated and lightly cooked dishes, for instance when you make tapas, sushi and sashimi or tartar. 

Since Fjord Trout satisfies the strict aesthetic requirements demanded by chefs, it has become a favourite amongst gastronomes all over the world.