Health and nutrition

Did you know that the rehydrated stockfish has almost the same nutritional value as the fresh fish?

Packed with protein

Stockfish is a completely natural product. It's produced without any additives and is full of healthy nutrients. In fact, nutritionally speaking, one kilo of stockfish is as beneficial as 5 kilos of fresh fish. In addition to being rich in protein, the stockfish is also a source of vitamin B that strengthens the immune system, as well as iron and calcium. No other high-protein food products has equivalent qualities that matches the stockfish. It is a healthy and excellent choice for everyone!


How do I know that stockfish from Norway is safe?

Norway's fish industry operates in accordance with EU food safety legislation. Our Food Safety Authority is responsible for checking food safety, recommending new measures and drawing up regulations. The Scientific Committee for Food Safety is responsible for conducting risk assessments. 

Is it safe for pregnant women to eat fish and seafood?

Yes – in fact it’s encouraged. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that women eat more seafood while pregnant. 

What about raw stockfish?

The Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety has concluded that it is safe to eat sushi while pregnant, so this extends to raw stockfish. If you are preparing raw fish, make sure that the cooling chain has not been broken during transportation. You must freeze the fish first to kill any parasites.