Ready watered stockfish

Soaking stockfish

When you soak the stockfish in water it will resume almost 90% of the weight and most of the nutritional value a fresh fish have. Below you will find the tecnique that is used in Norway and Italy.

  1. NSC

    Water the stockfish

    Place the stockfish in fresh cold water. The water have to be changed every day. Let it rest in water for seven to eight days. Very dry fish may need up to ten days. When you soak stockfish it is as delicate as fresh fish. Let it rest in a cold environment, and keep the water cool, preferably beneath 4 °C.

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    Remove skin and bones

    Pull the skin of the soaked stockfish, start at the neck and use force. Remove the bones, starting with the back bone.

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    Cut the fish in serving parts

    If the stockfish has passed through rollers, soak for 2-4 days. Whole fish will need to be soaked for 7 days.

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    Ready to cook

    Stockfish has a soft consistency when it is ready to cook. It will also be more than double its original weight!