Preparation Guide for Norwegian Salmon

Preparation Guide for Norwegian Salmon

Discover the great variety of cuts that can be created from Norwegian salmon and be inspired to prepare new dishes. 

  1. Fillets


    Fillets are ideal for quick preparation and are great for pan-fried or oven-baked recipes.

  2. Cubes


    Cubes are great for preparing quick meals like skewers and pasta.

  3. Loins


    Loins are great for oven-baked recipes, but are also great when you would like to serve sashimi or carpaccio.

  4. Butterfly


    Butterfly cuts are well suited for pan-fried recipes and tastes delicious when baked in the oven.

  5. Minced


    Minced salmon meat is well suited when you want to make a delicious tartar or home-made burgers. 

  6. Sashimi


    Sashimi is an extremely easy way to enjoy all the benefits of Norwegian salmon.

  7. Strips


    Strips are perfect when you want to prepare easy meals like wok and risotto. 

  8. Steak


    Steaks are prefect for pan-fried and grilled recipes. 

  9. Smoked


    Smoked Norwegian salmon is a product of fresh salmon from Norway and it is delicious as topping on a salads, pasta or pizza.