Opening Oysters

Opening Oysters

The distinctive flavour of oysters really comes into its own when you serve them completely au naturel. A natural, delicious flavour of salty sea and minerals, combined with a delicate sweetness.

  1. Prise open the shell

    Prise open the shell

    Carefully prise open the shell. Remove any remaining shell and take care not to allow the stock to run out.

  2. Cut across the adductor muscle

    Cut across the adductor muscle

    Place the oyster on a thick fabric napkin in your hand, with the sharp end facing towards you. Place the knife in the dividing line between the shells. Press and cut across the adductor muscle which is located a short way in from the edge.

  3. Ready for preparation

    Ready for preparation

    Loosen the adductor muscle from the shell; the oyster is now ready to be served.