Norwegian Mustard Herring

Norwegian Mustard Herring

Make your own mustard herring. It takes a little time, but the results are well worth it. And why not make an extra jar of it to give to someone who deserves it?

  1.  Herring


    This recipe is based on fresh fillets of autumn herring. The fillet has been left in a vinegar marinade overnight. If you are working with seasoned or salted herring fillets, leave them to stand in cold water for about 30 minutes before cutting them up and placing them in the mustard sauce.

  2. Cut


    Place the herring fillets on the kitchen counter and cut them up into 1-2 cm wide slices.

  3. The sauce

    The sauce

    Mix egg yolks, mustard, salt and vinegar in a bowl. Add a mixture of sunflower oil and olive oil while stirring continuously with a balloon whisk to the consistency is like mayonnaise. Season the sauce with salt, coarse black pepper and lemon juice.

  4. Mix the ingredients

    Mix the ingredients

    Add the herring and the other ingredients to the sauce.

  5. Mix


    Mix together carefully.

  6. Plate


    Place the mustard herring on thin slices of rye bread. Garnish with thin rings of leek, chives and a little whitefish roe.

  7. Serve


    This herring dish can be served as a starter or as a part of a cold buffet.