Filleting Herring

Filleting Herring

When fresh herring is available, take the opportunity to prepare a really delicious meal. Fillet the herring and pack it in dense packaging unless you are going to use it straight away. Fresh herring can also be frozen.

  1. Clean the fish

    Clean the fish

    Scrape the scales off the herring. Then remove the insides and cut off the head. Wash and rinse the herring in cold water and dry it lightly with a paper towel.

  2. Loosen the backbone

    Loosen the backbone

    First, cut into the belly of the herring on both sides of the backbone.

  3. Remove the bones

    Remove the bones

    Cut out the backbone.

  4. Clean-cut herring fillet

    Clean-cut herring fillet

    When herring is filleted in this way, it is referred to as a butterfly fillet.