Cleaning Norwegian Great Scallops

Cleaning Norwegian Great Scallops

Great scallops have a large shell and are easy to recognise. The related Iceland scallop is much smaller and more "fragile". The same is true of the shell meat of the two of them - size makes all the difference.

  1. Cut across the adductor muscle

    Cut across the adductor muscle

    Place the scallop on a thick fabric napkin in your hand, with the blunt end facing towards you. Place the knife in the dividing line between the shells. Press and cut across the adductor muscle which is located a short way in from the edge at the blunt end. Move the knife tightly up beneath the flat part of the shell and cut away the shell muscle.

  2. Loosen the shell

    Loosen the shell

    Carefully prise open the upper shell.

  3. Clean the insides

    Clean the insides

    Remove the gills, which appear as a brown ring around the shell muscle and gonads.

  4. Ready for preparation

    Ready for preparation

    Loosen the shell muscle and gonads from the lower shell. Rinse in cold water and dry in paper towel and then the scallop is ready for preparation.