Fish and Christmas

Fish and Christmas

Christmas is the time of the year where we traditionally like to pamper ourselves with good food. However, Christmas need not be meat-based. We recommend alternating traditional fare with fish and crustaceans for a change.

Herring in many variations and tastes, marinated and smoked salmon – these all belong to a traditional Christmas brunch or Christmas buffet in Norway. Christmas codfish or white halibut are classics that are often prepared on the first day of Christmas in Norway.

We explored Norway´s Christmas table, and we´d like to offer you some inspiration. By the way, Christmas is not just fish time in the High North. We also show you what else is served throughout the world during the Christmas season.

Christmas is not just something special in Norway. When it comes to food, a lot of people stick to old traditions.

Bacalhau in Brazil and Portugal

They are the main ingredients in the national dish Bacalhau seco. If you want to try out this specialty, you can find a few classic recipes here. You can often find the raw goods in a Spanish or Portuguese market.

Stocafisso, dried cod is served in Italy

In a few regions in Italy, different dishes with dried cod are served for Christmas. The fish tastes amazing with onions, olives, pine nuts and tomatoes. Dried cod is rare in Germany these days.

Tapas in Spain

Depending on the region, Spain has very different traditions around Christmas; however, all of the regions have one thing in common. Good food is extremely important for Spaniards during the Christmas season. Appetizers like tapas simply belong to this time. The delicacies like Norway lobster, lobster and shrimp are served as tapas.

Salmon in France

During Christmas, lunch is the most important meal on the first day of Christmas. Turkey is the main meal, while smoked salmon or oysters are often served as appetizers. Norwegian salmon is a delicacy for the French. A fourth of the consumption of smoked salmon is eaten on Christmas. Cook like the French? Here are some recipes and tips.

Herring in Russia

The New Year is more important than Christmas here. They celebrate the old year and welcome the new one. “Herring under fur coat” is served. A delicious herring salad in which layers of herring, potatoes, carrots, beetroots, onions and boiled eggs are placed in a bowl and mixed with mayonnaise.

And in Germany?

Until 50 years ago, food on Christmas Eve, which was still officially part of the fasting period, was a foregone conclusion. There was either a steamed fish dish or a salad with salted herring with potatoes. “Rohrnudeln” (baked yeast dumplings) and soup were eaten on the countryside. In Bavaria and in many regions in East Germany, carp was served. There are no longer any fixed dining rules.