7 Top Chefs from 7 Countries and the Skrei

7 Top Chefs from 7 Countries and the Skrei

A special team of international masterchefs made their way to the stormy Lofoten region of Norway: star chef Garald Zogbaum and his international colleagues were not afraid of the wild seas. The objective of their “expedition”, however, was not just to catch a wonderful fish, but also to cook it together, trying out different techniques in this most authentic of locations. What was an adventure for all seven top chefs will become a culinary joy for you: here we feature the dish from the German star chef Gerald Zogbaum. 

The Norwegian Skrei in the German star variation.


Ingredients for 4 people

For the Skrei
560 g Skrei filet
50 g coarse sea salt
5 g sugar

3 apples
60 g cider
30 g cream
35 g sugar
some vitamin C
250 g potatoes
75 ml water
125 g cream
35 g olive oil
100 g chicken stock
15 g Sherry vinegar
100 g blood sausage
10 g leek
10 g carrot
0,5 TL rosemary
200 g ravioli dough


  1. For the apple sauce, cut the apples (preferably Granny Smith) in 1 cm cubes and steam in cider. Mix with the remaining ingredients.

  2. For the potato foam, peel the potatoes (preferably Bintje) and cut in equal pieces. Place these in a pot with cold salt water and cook for about 20 minutes. Drain and mix with the measured quantity of cooking water. Slowly add the remaining ingredients and puree. Add ½ liter of foam in a siphon (2 cartridges).

  3. Heat up the stock and season to taste with vinegar.

  4. Shred the blood sausage (not too salty) with a fork. Cut the leek and carrots in cubes and then blanch the vegetable cubes. Mix all ingredients. Create ravioli, cook in salt water and then glaze.

  5. Cut the Skrei loins in 140 g filets. Mix salt and sugar, season the filets with this and cool for 10 minutes. Wash off the filets carefully and pat dry. Steam at 85°C for 7-8 minutes.

The Big Skrei Adventure.

The big skrei adventure

Under the motto “The Big Skrei Adventure”, seven top chefs from seven countries visited the Lofoten region of Norway in January of 2014 searching for “Skrei”, the famous Norwegian winter codfish. The star cooks Gerald Zogbaum, Hung Fai, Stefan Karlsson, Simon Hulstone, Fernando do Rego Cordeiro, Thibault Tournaire and Ben Pollinger searched, found, fished and prepared this special fish.